Plantation shutters are the perfect marriage of form and function. A classic and timeless choice in home design, plantation shutters have long been prized for not only their aesthetic versatility, but also their ability to enhance a home’s energy efficiency and privacy. But where did plantation shutters originate? The answer, surprisingly, is not plantations!

At Shutters And More, we help homeowners throughout Los Angeles enhance their properties with gorgeous custom-crafted wooden plantation shutters. We’ve been the region’s go-to plantation shutters since we first opened our doors in the 1960s, and we strive to be your ultimate knowledge resource for everything shutter-related. In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the origin of plantation shutters and how they’ve come to be the preferred window treatment for many homeowners and interior decorators. Keep reading to learn more!


A Classical Greek Tradition

Many sources point to shutters originating in Ancient Greece. Unlike the plantation shutters of today, these shades were made from fixed slats of marble, and due to the expense, were likely reserved for Greek elites. Due to their marble construction, they didn’t enjoy as much functionality as wooden shutters, which were later created as an affordable alternative. Interestingly enough, fixed louvered shutters similar in functionality to the original marble shutters remain popular in Greek architecture to this day!


Introduction To Europe

Later in history, the affordable wooden shutters were introduced to Europe, and the elegance one typically associates with plantation shutters began to be introduced to the design of shutters. Louvered shutters in particular became popularized by French royalty — in fact, the term ‘louvered’ shutters may have been derived from the royal Louvre palace, which is now a famous art museum. Additionally, the adjustable horizontal slats of shutters were introduced by French designers as European designers explored ways to make shutters more functional.


Where The Name ‘Plantation’ Shutters Come From

Eventually, shortly after the time of the colonization of America, shutters began to catch on in the States, particularly in the South. The climate of the southern United States has long been humid, hot, and muggy, and shutters became a very popular addition to plantation homes, thus where the term plantation shutters comes from. Plantation shutters provided homeowners much-needed ventilation, as well as protection from mosquitoes and other pests. Before the arrival of modern medicine, malaria was a huge health concern in the region, so the added layer of safety plantation shutters offered was very beneficial! This is why large windows with plantation shutters remain a staple of Southern home design to this day. 


Get Custom Plantation Shutters For Your Home

Plantation shutters have evolved greatly since their original creation in Ancient Greece, but they have remained a symbol of both elegance and practicality throughout history. No matter whether it be Greeks, Europeans, or Americans, plantation shutters have proven themselves again and again to be the perfect marriage of form and function, the best window treatment in terms of both style and practical value. 

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