Benefits Of Wood Closet Doors

Personalized, Designer Look For Your Closet

Our closet doors are manufactured with either Kiln dried Western Red Cedar or select Basswood. They are available in either 1-1/8” (5/4 stock) or 1-3/8” (6/4 stock-recommended for panels taller than 80”) and can be stained or painted. Standard panel configurations allow you to achieve many unique layouts with any of our standard styles of panels or louvers, regardless of the size of the opening. When you get an in-home quote on closet doors from Shutters And More, we can work with you to plan a design that matches your exact desires for looks and meets the specifications of your closet opening. Don’t fret about your location, either — we offer in-home estimates to anyone in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Long-Lasting Durability

We make our wood closet doors from high-quality wood that is selected just as much for its durability as it is for its aesthetic appeal. Our wood closet doors are harder to damage than the average, cheaply-made closet door, and they can be stained for additional protection and an even nicer look.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Our wood closet doors are more than just a beautiful accessory for your room. By installing wood closet doors from Shutters And More and enhancing the look of your room, you’re also increasing the value of your property. Any realtor you may hire to sell your home in the future will have another asset they can wow prospective buyers with, leading to a higher sale point for your home.

When you choose wood closet doors from Shutters And More, you’re getting top-of-the-line quality from one of the oldest, most reputable family-owned companies in Los Angeles. Our high standards of service and unbeatable quality has earned us the distinction of being a Top Rated Local® shutter and closet door manufacturer in Los Angeles, and we’d love to bring our highly-rated craftsmanship to your closet. Call today to set up your free, in-home quote today!