We are the original designers of shutters with beveled glass inserts. These exquisite shutters will add a touch of elegance to any room, allowing you to have privacy, while letting the light in. There are many beveled glass designs to choose from and we can custom make an insert to match your existing glass as well. An amazing variety of glass types are available with unique textured surfaces, colors and degrees of opacity, to use as deemed appropriate for each project. Beveled glass usually is a product made of 1/4” clear glass with the entire periphery edge ground at an angle then polished. This edge acts as a prism, capturing sunlight and refracting it into a spectrum of colors. Beveled glass is available in traditional shapes such as diamonds, straight line rectangles and squares, etc. as well as beautiful multi-piece clusters as shown in the examples of our completed projects. The lead came is available in black, brass or nichol.